Guillaume FRÖLIGER is a French painter living in Lyon. He was born in Strasbourg, son of Charles FRÖLIGER, who was an abstract expressionist painter from Colmar (1946-1999). From an early age, Guillaume became fascinated by colours, paints, charcoal, sketching and music. The smells and atmosphere of his father’s workshop have remained influential throughout his life, creation being a “matter of survival”.

Guillaume first studied fine art and violin and became a drum fanatic at the age of 15 discovering different musical genres through the years. He carried on with his art scholarship, but soon got drawn to various musical projects, playing live with different bands.

In 2006 he set up a graphic design company specialising in advertising. A few years later, everything came to a brutal end following a serious accident. Isolated and incapacitated, he picked up his paintbrushes once again. A good recovery changed his perspective of life and his priorities. Painting has become his main focus, his confidant, his own « matter of survival ».

In my paintings, spontaneity is my musical stave, and speed of execution sets the pace.